Hassan Chaudhry

$10000 / year

About Candidate

A Full Stack Developer with over 11 years of experience in utilizing advanced technologies to develop scalable and robust solutions. Proficient in the design and development of large-scale architectures, recognized as a process-driven, service-oriented leader with a flair for clean coding and concise documentation, ensuring a thorough knowledge of the software development life cycle.

I am particularly skilled at building robust web applications using Node.js, Express.js, and React.js, Angular.js with additional experience in PHP, C#, Java, and Python. With considerable experience in both back-end and front-end development, I have mastered key areas such as APIs, asynchronous programming, SPA core concepts, and micro front-end architecture.

Aside from designing and implementing microservice-based architectures, I have experience using tools such as Docker and Kubernetes for containerization and orchestration. My expertise in DevOps and deployment includes AWS, GCP, Azure, Docker, and CI/CD pipelines. In addition, I have extensive experience with Agile methodologies, participating in sprint planning effectively, fostering collaboration, and delivering high-quality software on time. I also have a proven track record of working in teams to achieve successful outcomes, through continuous improvement and learning in every aspect of the software delivery.

Core Competencies
7 years of extensive experience in building robust and scalable web/mobile applications using Node.js, Express.js, React.js, React Native. 4 years of experience in Php, C#.

Back-End Development: I have strong experience as a back-end developer using Express.js and Node.js, Php, and Java. Extensive experience in designing and developing APIs in production. Solid understanding of asynchronous programming and event-driven architecture. Expert with authentication and authorization mechanisms.


Front-end Development: Deep understanding of SPA core concepts, Solid experience in designing and developing modular and scalable front-end applications using React.js, React Native. Deep knowledge of React.js echo system, design patterns, and design systems. Strong understanding and experience of micro front-end architecture principles and best practices. Solid experience Css in Js, Styled-component, Material UI, Bootstrap, Chakra UI, and Tailwind.Solid experience in state management by using Redux, Redux-Toolkit, MobX, and React-Context. Deep knowledge of JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, DOM, Virtual Dom, Webpack, and Babel.

Database Management: Solid experience in MongoDB, Mysql, Postgresql, GraphQL, Database schema design, data modeling, performance optimization, and database query optimization.

Microservices Architecture: Solid experience in designing and developing microservices-based architectures, utilizing tools like Docker and Kubernetes for containerization and orchestration.

DevOps and Deployment: Solid experience with cloud platforms AWS, GCP, Azure and deployment technologies Docker, CI/CD pipelines, ensuring smooth application deployment and scalability.

Agile Methodologies: Strong familiarity with Agile development methodologies Scrum, and Kanban, participating in sprint planning, facilitating collaboration, and delivering high-quality software within project timelines.


Zend Certified Engineer 2011

Work & Experience

Full Stack Developer Dec 2012 - Aug 2014
Icflix Media, Dubai Media City, U.A.E

https://icflix.com Project: Video On Demand (VOD) Platform Back-end Development (Php, MySql) Front-end Development (Html, Bootstrap, Ajax, Jquery)

Senior Full Stack Developer Aug 2014 - Dec 2020
Avala Global, Dubai, U.A.E

Project: Enterprise Web Portal (organization internal use only via VPN, No Public Version available) Back-end Development: Developed robust and scalable ASP.net applications, ensuring high performance and responsiveness to front-end requests. Regularly interfaced with SQL Server databases for data retrieval and storage, optimizing queries and ensuring data integrity. Front-end Development: Used Angular for crafting intuitive UI components and utilized libraries such as jQuery for added interactivity. Assured responsive designs with a deep knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Legacy Code: Worked extensively with legacy code, ensuring updates and feature additions did not break existing functionalities. Refactored and modularized old codebase to improve performance and maintainability. DevOps: Collaborated with the operations team to leverage Azure DevOps for continuous integration and deployment, ensuring a seamless delivery pipeline and minimal downtimes. Teamwork and Communication: Engaged with cross-functional teams, from database administrators to UI/UX designers, ensuring smooth development cycles. Frequently participated in code reviews, sprint planning, and retrospectives to ensure the product's quality and adherence to timelines. Case Study: Legacy System Revamp Faced with an outdated ASP.net system that was becoming increasingly challenging to maintain, I spearheaded the project to modernize the application. The old system was slow, had compatibility issues, and was not easily scalable. Steps Undertaken: Code Analysis: Went through the existing legacy code, identified bottlenecks, and outdated libraries. Back-end Overhaul: Refactored the C# codebase, upgraded to the latest ASP.net version, and optimized SQL Server database calls. Front-end Revamp: Introduced Angular to replace old JavaScript libraries, ensuring a responsive and modern user experience. DevOps Implementation: Set up CI/CD pipelines using Azure DevOps, ensuring faster bug fixes and feature deployments. Team Collaboration: Held weekly meetings with stakeholders, keeping them in the loop regarding progress, challenges, and potential solutions. Outcome: The revamp led to a 60% increase in system performance, reduced page load times by 40%, and improved overall user satisfaction. Project: HRMS (organization internal use only via VPN, No Public Version available) Project: CRM (organization internal use only via VPN, No Public Version available) Project: Warehouse Management System (organization internal use only via VPN, No Public Version available) Back-end Development (Php, C#, Express.js, MicroServices, Mongodb, MySql, Postgresql) Front-end Development (Html, Bootstrap, Ajax, Jquery, React.js, Redux)

Senior Full Stack Developer Dec 2020 - Jul 2021
TMC (TallyMarks Consulting)

Project: Grant Information Management System https://smeda-733d7.web.app/#/login Back-end Development (Java, Spring Boot, MicroServices, MySql) Front-end Development (React.js, React Hooks, Styled-Components, Material UI)

Senior Full Stack Developer Jul 2021 - Nov 2021
Webevis Technologies

https://www.webevis.com Project: Plastk Financial Rewards https://www.plastk.ca Back-end Development (Express.js, MicroServices, Mongodb) Front-end Development (React.js, React Hooks, Styled-Components, Atomic design pattern)

Principal Software Developer Nov 2021 - Feb 2022
BlueEast Technologies (Consultant Role)

Project: https://mevris.com (V5 Development) Back-end Development (Nest.js, MicroServices, Postgresql, GRPC, MQTT, CQRS, GraphQL) Front-end Development (BlueBase, Expo, React.js Redux-ToolKit, Material UI)

Senior Full Stack Developer Feb 2022
NFT Platform (Consultant Role) -

I played a key role in building and launching a blockchain-based NFT platform. I collaborated closely with cross-functional teams, including blockchain engineers and UX designers, to develop interactive and secure frontend interfaces seamlessly integrated with the underlying blockchain infrastructure. Project Demo: https://buildspace-vote.vercel.app Project Code: https://github.com/hassanphp/buildspace-vote-main Project: Multivendor E-Commerce Platform Development https://www.softwarecog.com Technologies: Next.js, React.js, Redux-Toolkit, Tailwind CSS