Full Stack Developer
$5000 / month

About Candidate

🚀 Software Developer | Specializing in Javascript Technologies | Full Stack Experience

🎓 Bachelor’s in Information Systems by the Federal University of Rio Grande

🛠️ My technical experience spans a variety of technologies, including:
• Front-end Development: Javascript, ReactJS, and Styled Components
• Back-end Development: Django, NextJS, Node.js, Java, and Spring Boot

🌐 Currently, I’m applying my proficiency in React and NextJS as a Full Stack Developer at UOL HOST.

🔵 I’m skilled in both initiating new projects and contributing to existing ones.

🌎 Fluent in English, facilitating collaboration in global environments.

🏆 I’ve been a key player in large-scale projects, leading the development cycle:
• Architecture and Planning
• Implementation and Integration
• Microservices and Communication via REST APIs


Bachelor's in Information Systems 2022
Federal University of Rio Grande