[Hiring] Growth & Community Lead at Focusmate

June 12, 2024

Job Overview

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    June 12, 2024
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    3 Years
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Job Description

Want to help people across the world follow through on what matters most to them? Join our fun, caring team as our Growth & Community Lead!

About Focusmate

Focusmate is a virtual coworking community on a mission to help everyone do their best work. Members sit side-by-side via video to keep each other company, cheer each other on, and hold one another accountable to follow through. We’ve hosted 5+ million coworking sessions hosted for members in 150+ countries worldwide.

Every day, we hear new stories about how Focusmate is changing people’s lives:

  • “I am incredibly grateful for [Focusmate], that gave me the possibility to grow far over what I ever thought or believed I could accomplish!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOUUUU !!!!” ~Siara Syreni
  • “If you have adhd like me or just in general struggle to stay on task, I cannot recommend @focusmate enough. I just started using it last week, and I don’t want to be dramatic, but it has completely changed my life.” ~Lindsay Gibbs (@linzsports)
  • “All my life, all I needed was a @focusmate. Thank you @TaylorJacobson for this amazing community. I feel powerful with my mates #ADHD” ~ Ozlem Akkol (@bugun16ekim)

We’re backed by Amasia, Betaworks, Upfront Ventures, CoVenture, Remote First Capital, Nir Eyal, Balaji Srinivasan, Cindy Bi, and other world-class investors. We’ve been featured on NPR, Bloomberg, The New York Times, Lifehacker, BBC News, and many more.

Your mission

Reporting to and working closely with the CEO, you will drive significant growth through the improvement of conversion rates across the entire growth funnel.

As an early, experienced hire in this pivotal role, you will play a major role in shaping the future of Focusmate over the next many years.

What about the “Community” part of the role?

A core hypothesis we want to explore through your work, across the growth funnel, is that an emphasis on belonging to a supportive community and inspiring movement will drive growth. 

While your success will be measured by growth metrics, this hypothesis is important enough that we are including it in the job title.

Candidate profile & job responsibilities

Areas of ownership

For each area of ownership below, you may either directly own and execute the work (80%) or identify and manage resources to ensure the work is done successfully (20%).

  • Define and manage the entire growth process
  • Design, implement, and maintain a dashboard to track key growth funnel metrics
  • Define and track cohorts based on various criteria meaningful to the business and product, as a basis to help drive growth
  • Develop and maintain a map of the entire funnel, and continually assess opportunities for improvement at each stage
  • Deeply understand the user journey, including positive and negative states
  • Run hypothesis-based experiments to drive users to take the desired actions to move along the desired user journey
  • Understand the core precepts of optimization at each funnel stage and lead/coordinate creative direction across all stages of the funnel optimization
  • Determine the most promising acquisition channels, select channels to focus on, and manage the execution of campaigns for those channels
  • Play a supporting and/or lead role in hybrid areas between Growth and , e.g. offers, positioning, pricing, product marketing
  • Collaborate with colleagues to execute and accelerate your work by identifying and sourcing resources, both within the existing team and externally as needed
  • Maintaining transparency and strong communication about your function’s process and progress, across the organization
  • Own all communications related to growth

Personal qualities

To be successful in this role, you will need the following qualities:

  • Can independently plan and execute at a high level of quality without supervision
  • Strict focus and prioritization based on a wide array of potential projects
  • Can do good work quickly, balancing attention to key nuances with speed
  • Deeply curious and empathetic; motivated and informed by human insight
  • Organized and process-oriented; comfortable owning quantitative metrics
  • Collaborative; willing to take feedback and input at all stages of your work
  • Persuasive; able to drive stakeholders into alignment and action
  • Fast learner; comfortable and eager to fill in gaps in your skills and knowledge
  • Able to identify/recruit/evaluate resources internally or externally where needed to fill gaps in your own skills or create leverage for yourself
  • Capable of holding others accountable to a clear vision and high standards
  • Happy working as an individual contributor but open to growing into management
  • Resonate with and excited by the mission, values, product, and community


Target candidates have at least 3 years of full-time experience as a growth lead and have previously managed an entire growth funnel.

It is critical that you bring a robust existing framework for rigorously managing a growth function, i.e. that you are comfortable and confident with the process components of growth leadership through prior experience and training in these processes.

Bonus: you have successfully led growth for a consumer SaaS business and community with similarities to Focusmate, and you are an experienced user of Focusmate.

We expect that you bring deeper knowledge in one or more individual parts of the marketing stack and can execute those parts of the stack rather than needing to source someone externally and/or are motivated to quickly learn to fill in gaps.

Areas of prior experience may include:

  • Managing the growth function/process
  • User research and interviews
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Copywriting and creative
  • Tracking and attribution
  • SEO & social media
  • Funnel building
  • Media buying

What you’ll do in your first few months

  • Get to know the team and business
  • Define your growth process and set up whatever you need to start implementing
  • Run your first experiments

Working at Focusmate

You’ll be joining a fully remote team of ~10 who care about each other and are invested in each of us living great lives.

Our team is serious about our mission, and we have a great time bringing it to life. We love learning and growing, both individually and together.

We celebrate our differences and are dedicated to creating a radically inclusive workplace and community. This means having diverse representation in our user feedback and staff and empowering all voices, including yours.

Hours and timing

The growth function defined above is the organization’s top priority. We aim to advance these objectives rapidly, so we’d like you to start soon.

We expect you to be actively engaged in the above responsibilities on a daily (M-F) and full-time basis.

You will work closely with the CEO and team in North America. Candidates in all time zones will be considered but you will be expected to have 2+ hours of daily overlap with North American time zones and candidates who can overlap more may be preferred.

Compensation & benefits

The compensation for this role will be a combination of salary, equity, and benefits.

Salary and equity are competitive and flexible. They will vary depending on your experience level and preference for cash vs. equity, and, to a lesser extent, on your location.

For candidates based in New York City, San Francisco, Seattle:

  • The salary range is $80,200—$162,300
  • The equity range is $44,750—$124,500

For employees in other locations, the salary will be adjusted according to the local cost of living.

Benefits include medical, dental, and 401(k) matching for US-based employees, a fully remote and flexible lifestyle, unlimited PTO, a team retreat 1-2 times per year, and a culture that is extremely supportive of your well-being.

For the right candidate, this role offers a tremendous and wide-ranging impact on shaping the future of an iconic brand, product, and community in the making.

Interested? Hiring process & next steps

We’re thrilled that you’re interested and excited to hear from you.

Successful candidates can expect to meet with several team members as part of the interview process and complete several skills exercises.

Final round candidates will be asked to complete a paid take-home challenge and provide professional references.

We also want you to get everything you need in this process to make the right decision for yourself. We’ll check in along the way to make sure that happens.

To begin the application process, please complete this application form, which includes several questions (10-15 minutes) and a brief exercise (~20-30 minutes).

We look forward to receiving your application!