[Hiring] IT Support Representative (Tier 3) at Crewbloom

April 3, 2024

Job Overview

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    April 3, 2024
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    Fresh, 2 Years, 3 Years, 4 Years, 5 Years
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Job Description

Our client is providing support not only to external customers but also to internal employees. Currently, they provide 24×5 Support with an eye to possibly go 24×7 in the future. Generally speaking, if you work with our client and you have an issue or question that cannot be resolved within your local team or circle of direct contacts, then you log a Support ticket. As you can imagine, the client receives a wide range of issues submitted to their team.

The issues range from onboarding or offboarding employees, requests to fix or repair broken equipment, technical issues with the platform or the tools used, product enhancement requests, process questions, finance issues, configuration and reconfiguration requests for their customers, help with building reports, requests for contact information for existing or potential customers and much more.

In addition to internal queries, the client takes issues reported by the customers who are typically Professors, Instructors, Students, Researchers, Librarians, or lab assistants. These questions can range from technical problems they are having with the website (problems logging in or password reset problems), requests for access to certain content on the site, problems with SSO or access via proxy, usage stats or other reporting problems, inquiries on how to get a subscription and much more.

Many of the tickets that the Support Team receives cannot be directly resolved by the Support Team. They need to make sure that they have gathered all of the necessary details about an issue, including debugging steps and information and ideally they must be able to reproduce it (where applicable). The Team then routes tickets to other groups or Teams for resolution. If Support did a good job of triaging the ticket before handing it over to another team, that other team should have all of the details necessary to move forward.

The Support Team remains the point of contact with the ticket reporter/customer at all times. Support Team members must therefore be very careful with their communications to ensure that internal (possibly sensitive) conversations remain internal while keeping the reporter/customer regularly updated on the status of their issue.


  • Excellent English communication skills. (both verbal and written)
    • Note that almost all of our communications around our tickets are written (there is no “call” center and it is rare that we would call a customer).
  • Attention to detail is key to this position.
  • Being resourceful
  • Thinking “outside the box”
  • Knowing how to use Google or even AI tools to assist with searching for answers or troubleshooting.
  • Familiar with managing tickets in Jira
  • Able to use Confluence to maintain a Support knowledge base (documentation skills)
  • Moderate skills with Salesforce (ability to search records for details and occasional basic editing)
  • Basic skills with HubSpot
  • Solid understanding of web page construction (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Know how to execute standard debugging for website issues
  • Understand how to use a web browser console log in the debugging process
  • Decent understanding of computer networks
  • Knowing HTTPS vs HTTP
  • Know what is a Public IP address, and a Domain Name
  • Understanding what a Firewall does
  • What does a Proxy Server do
  • Understanding of the basics of SSO
  • Familiarity with XML and JSON can be very helpful in some cases

System Requirements

  • At least 15mbps main internet and at least 10mbps for backup
  • A desktop or laptop that has an i5 processor with at least 8 GB RAM and an i3 processor for backup
  • Note: Back-ups should still be able to function when there is a power interruption
  • A webcam
  • Noise-canceling USB Headset
  • Quiet, Dedicated Home Office
  • Smartphone


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