[Hiring] Staff Software Engineer at Invisible Technologies

March 18, 2024

Job Overview

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    March 18, 2024
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    Invisible Technologies

Job Description

Invisible has experienced exponential growth, quadrupling in size year over year for the past three years. Operating as a profitable business, we maintain a near complete ownership stake, with a firm foundation built on robust financial management. As part of our commitment to our team, we are excited to offer substantial equity compensation, presenting a life-changing equity opportunity for our Partners.

Invisible Technologies stands at the forefront of operations innovation. We remove strategic roadblocks for clients, providing solutions to the world’s most complex business problems. A technology-led managed execution service, our success is driven by our powerful process orchestration platform, which blends the perfect mix of artificial and human intelligence with automation to create extraordinary growth and scale opportunities for clients.

As a Staff Software Engineer, your role is to lead high-impact projects across domains, to act with strong ownership over multiple systems and product areas, and to embody and enable a culture of excellence within the engineering organization. You partner with product and engineering managers to cut through complexity and raise the bar within every engineering team you influence.

Your focus will be on Invisible’s process content and the components that make this content available to clients, encompassing the following areas:

  • Agent interfaces
  • AI/ML tools
  • Automations
  • Integrations
  • Process Builder Experience

We believe in continuous learning and growth.

As a staff engineer, we expect you to foster a culture of learning within your area. You stay aware of the latest trends in relevant technologies and enjoy diving deep into their application and implementation. You level up the engineers around you through targeted mentorship, and share your knowledge with the entire engineering organization. You are rarely surprised by how systems and tools behave, and enthusiastically accept unexpected scenarios as an opportunity to learn.

Execution is key to our operations. We deliver on our commitments and effectively prioritize projects to make sensible, expedient progress.

As a staff engineer, you set the standard in responsibility and communication of progress, demonstrating impact across more than one team. No engineer in your area is unaware of your projects or how you are making a positive impact on their work. Communication is crucial – you announce what projects you will do, drive them to completion, and then demonstrate their value once completed.

The Technology
Our platform is written in Typescript and Python.

Our core technologies are NextJS, React, Django, Postgres, Kubernetes, and GraphQL.

We’re always eager to learn about and try new technologies, and you know which technologies we should be using next.


  • You have significant experience developing applications in remote team environments. Our team spans the globe, and requires excellent communication to succeed.
  • You are able to partner with product managers and engineering managers. As a staff engineer, your impact is felt across all of the teams in your area, and your peer managers benefit whenever you give input into their teams’ work.
  • You can analyze and author great documentation. You will need to research and synthesize information about new technologies (frameworks, libraries, techniques, etc.), explain them to the engineer organization, and evangelize their usefulness in our platform on a regular basis.
  • You take up the challenge of large-scale projects and lead them from beginning to end. When progress does stall on one of the teams in your group, you don’t hesitate to assist them in building momentum towards the finish line.
  • You have strong experience with technologies like React, Django, GraphQL, Kubernetes, and PostgreSQL. You have operated systems in cloud deployments with a high bar for observability and reliability.

Nice to Have

  • You have worked with ML models in production deployments.
  • You have managed engineering teams in prior experience.

Currently, we’re looking to hire in North/South America to ensure reasonable overlap with our existing teams and stakeholders.

  • Total Compensation Range: $234,000 – $263,000 Per Year
  • This is a combination of base pay bonus and equity
  • *Equity value based on $200M-$500M valuation range, and represents 1 year of vesting.
  • Total equity grants are on a 4-year vesting schedule with a 1-year cliff.
  • Flexible Work Schedule / Unlimited Vacation Days
  • Work Remotely