[Hiring] Online Marketing Sales Specialist at AutoSuggest 

March 28, 2024

Job Overview

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    March 28, 2024
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    1 Year
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Job Description

IMPORTANT: This position is currently only available on a part-time (20h work week) basis.

We’re currently looking for a Online Marketing Sales Specialist to support our existing team at AutoSuggest. You would be responsible for one of these markets: Germany, France or Spain.

For this role, we expect you to speak either German, French or Spanish on a native or near-native level. Multiple language proficiency are a bonus!

The basics

Type of work: interacting with marketing managers by email, phone- and video, understanding use-cases, configuring and selling a complex product. The key objective is to convert inbound leads with initial interest into long-term customers.
Working style: Fully remote
Type: Part-time
Base salary (part-time): 22 USD/h guaranteed base salary + variable performance based bonus. Average total compensation ~3000 USD per month. We require you to be able to submit invoices.

About us:

We have a unique technology that makes us a monopolist in a small but attractive market. Our customers love us and our company has been growing steadily over the last two years.

Our product is a marketing service that is used to increase brand awareness and generate conversions. We already have well over two hundred clients throughout Europe, including many mid-sized firms, large international companies, banks and insurance providers as well as UHNWIs.

We’re not an agency: we do not sell consulting – we focus 100% on our two flagship products, AutoSuggest and AutoRanker.

Our ideal candidate (this is a bit negotiable):

  • 1+ years of experience in a B2B Sales role (can be substituted with experience in project management or similar “email heavy”-role)
  • you should be a native speaker in the market you are applying for
  • strong “people skills”, comfortable liaising with executives and senior managers (often the marketing director) by email, phone and video
  • ability to rapidly absorb information, often presented in abstract form and match it against patterns infered from human behavior
  • interest in working in the intersection between the marketing and technology space
  • bachelor degree in a relevant field or equivalent work experience

Do you have what it takes to:

  • handling email replies, answering initial questions and scheduling meetings. You can roughly expect 10 emails a day and 12 calls a week on average. Communication is low volume but often reasonably complex (so more work per e-mail than it sounds).
  • presenting our product accurately in phone and video calls and outlining how it would benefit the prospect
  • negotiating terms and prices in complex, data-driven negotiations
Why you should join us:
  • long-term position in a cool, growing team with high average satisfaction and low churn
  • Depending on individual circumstances, and subject to availability and need, we try to arrange a coworking-space for you
  • solid and stable compensation with good fixum paid, company exists for over 3 years
  • a product that is popular with our prospects and sells (very) well
  • a tested data-driven flow to sell to prospects, documentation, training, mentoring
  • We can make payments by invoice / wire transfer or find an individual solution that suits you
  • a remote role but with the organisation and structure of a “normal” firm
  • strong support from our team as well as decent documentation & sales material available
  • weekly coffee meetings, quarter-closing dinners and team events in a small team of 31
  • a friendly prospect base with exclusively business customers, many mid-sized companies, but also international firms and wealthy individuals – the job does not require “mass communication”, but involves dealing skillfully with a small number of high value prospects

Important: Please note this is a long-term position and we’re searching for candidates who are open to working permanently with us, not just, for example a month or two.